About Us

Frank “The Vision” Mirowski

baldapparel.com was an idea that originated over 5 years ago when “The Vision” was hanging on to a few strands of hair, desperately trying to manufacture the best look he could manage out of a very obvious and awful combover.

Looking in the mirror it suddenly dawned on Frank that his combover was like a bad relationship, it had to end. He liberated himself and his skull. From that day on “The Vision” decided that there would be no more combover, no roots and it’s time to fear the shine!

With that, baldapparel.com was born – an idea created to provide quality clothing to the bald and be worn with pride!

This brand speaks volumes and it says “I’m proud to be bald and I look f@cking awesome!”.

Matt “The Chief” Arnold

First one in! Last one out! And we are not just talking about “The Chief” scheduling his pub visits.  With a background in business and a penchant for cold beer, fate (and beer) would play a hand the day that Matt met Frank in the pub.

From that day forward it has been “The Chiefs” goal to breathe life into the brand that is baldapparel.com.  With the support of the team and with “The Chief” at the helm; it is our job to grow this brand and get it into the home of every beautiful bald man out there!  

“Having first hand experience of the roller coaster of emotions that hit you once you realise you are not gonna keep hold of your hair, has helped me to understand that for many, the fear of baldness is not a joke. Men’s mental health is not a joke. Our goal is to provide our fellow baldies with a brand and style that can be worn with pride!”

baldapparel.com is not just a brand, this is a lifestyle!

Paul ‘The Money Man’ Arnold

Long time Baldy, first time investor.

Made my fortune helping Korean kids distinguish between R & L and had a spare bag of cash laying around. 

In all seriousness I started going bald in my early 20's, it was a very tough time and I spent many years trying to hide it from friends and family. Now that I’ve gone full circle and accept being bald it’s hard for me to remember just how big of an impact this had on me at the time. I suffered from a lack of confidence and was ashamed of going bald, especially at such a young age. One day I was convinced by a friend to shave it all off and embrace it. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done and although it wasn’t immediate I soon realised that confidence comes from within and nothing as trivial as not having hair will detract from my sense of self. I’m now so used to being bald that I don’t think I’d have it any other way.

I am your bald brother. We are the bald community!

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