Embracing Your Baldness

by Matt Arnold on August 11, 2021

Most ‘hair loss’ related blogs I come across nowadays are full of tips and advice on how to keep hold of what little hair you have left, or the solutions and remedies that can miraculously help you to regrow it to reflect the look you once had as a youngster (camel piss is the one that tickles me - I would have given that one a try for a laugh but believe it or not, camel piss is difficult to come by), but guess what, most of us aren’t 18 years old anymore. Most of us experience hair loss as we age and mature and it’s all part of our natural make up. Nowadays we can even have a hair transplant for 20,000 bucks, or take a trip to Turkey to get one at a heavily discounted price. Then there are wigs; hey each to their own. Look at Sir Elton - now that’s a man who was never able to embrace his hair loss and decided wigs were the way forward. At the end of the day he is an entertainer and it’s not like it doesn’t work for him personally but we have all seen some dodgy looking syrups in our time haven’t we?

Embracing Your Bald

Well I want to talk about hair loss today, and not from the perspective that hair loss is bad and should be hidden and covered up through those methods mentioned above, but rather hair loss in all of its beautiful glory. The way mother nature intended you to be!

As a bald man myself I understand the initial anxiety, worry, and variety of emotions that surge through your mind and body once you realise the inevitable is going to happen. To be honest, I was not happy initially. I loved My hair. I had long hair during my late teens and early twenties, hair that some women were envious of. I then ended up with dread locks during my travelling phase and was often the envy of many a traveller I bumped into, and then of course the corporate phase. To say I had a Harveyesque cut like the guy from ‘Suits’ is an understatement. My hair was my pride and joy - and then, it started to happen. “Oh shit” was my initial reaction, what to do!?

Perhaps I try to find a camel?,fly to Turkey for a transplant?, Christ am I really looking at a bloody website for wigs right now!? After a few days of worry and anxiety and using an app where you can paste your face into it and give yourself a hairstyle, ‘bald’ being one option - I decided enough was enough.

I researched people and their journey to baldness; celebrities and regular folk. Not these people who decided to hide their baldness, no sir! I wasn’t ready to be that depressed, rather people who embraced this transition. I wanted to hear from the people who were bald and people that were experiencing pattern baldness, but looked at it as a positive thing.

Having read many stories of people’s positive experiences helped me to embrace my baldness and to be honest there is no turning back for me now. Nothing feels better than a freshly shaved head! Being bald is empowering. Being bald is something to be proud of and not something that should be hidden. The stigma attached to baldness is no longer acceptable in this society. It is in fact cool to be bald. My advice to anyone experiencing pattern baldness or is going through the emotional roller coaster that can accompany this process is this; F*ck hair! Embrace your baldness and hold your head high! Be proud of who you are and the way you look. Get rid of that combover. People will fear the shine and remember, bald is sexy!

Is this the way you see it? Would love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks for reading :)


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