How It All Began

by Matt Arnold on July 18, 2021

The Bald Apparel story is one that needs to be told - it's a story of loss, and discovery; it's a story of acceptance, of self improvement, one of empowerment. It's far from romantic but it is one that we hope will help those struggling with hair loss.

So, let's start with the 'loss' part. Many moons ago when the original founder of Bald Apparel, a chap by the name of Frank Mirowski entered the realm of the bald, he quite simply struggled with it. Anxiousness, a sense of unattractiveness, a sense of feeling cheated as he was 'too young to be losing his hair' and all of the other emotions that take over once you realise what is happening, flooded his entire being. He was pissed, to be Frank! (pun intended). It affected his mood which in turn affected his work and his social life. He knew he was losing it but still decided to fashion one of the dodgiest looking comb overs known to man. It was a tough time - the stigma of being bald was one that was pronounced in society through jokes and shaming. Quite simply, society didn't accept the bald man/woman in a positive light.

How it all began

Eventually things came to a head (like what I did there?), enough was enough. It was a fairly overcast, windy day when Frank awoke from his slumber to go and meet his mates at the pub. Getting ready, and understanding the obstacles that he would face venturing out into the windy world of that day, Frank decided to take action. Fed up of the way he was feeling he decided to embrace his bald! With a straightedge and a bar of soap he got to work creating the most perfectly shaved dome in existence.

The comb over was behind him, the roller coaster of emotions that he once felt, seemed to immediately disperse. He had accepted mother nature's decision and a sense of relief washed over him. His mates at the pub validated this decision and he never looked back.

Based on the experience he went through on his journey to baldness, Frank decided he wanted to help others in this position; to help the bald and the balding to understand that there is no shame in it, no matter your age. It's you, it's what makes you unique!; and then it hit him. Why not create a clothing brand geared towards those smooth headed beauties in order to disrupt the outdated views on hair loss. Create a brand that could be worn with pride. A brand designed to empower those who wear it and to send a message to those who don't. On this day, Bald Apparel was born.

During a trip to NYC, Frank had his first Bald Apparel tee shirt printed in Manhattan. What started as a side hobby became a business a few years later when he met Matt; a co-founder of the business now known as Bald Apparel; in a pub (funnily enough). The tee shirt that Frank was wearing was the Bald Apparel Classic tee, it was an immediate conversation starter for Matt who had also experienced the same ups and downs when he went through his hair loss phase. Together, and with the help of a small team, Frank and Matt moved forward in order to bring Bald Apparel to the world.

Our mission is simple; to disrupt the outdated view on hair loss through a premium lifestyle brand that creates an emotional bond to connect and inspire the customer.

We know that most of you bald(ing) beautiful people out there, probably, at some point, have experienced something similar to the above. Some of you may be going through it now. We are here to tell you it's ok; comb over's however, are not! Embrace that bald and be proud of who you are.


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